Do you have a car wash you are interested in selling?

We understand the connection owners often have with their business, and selling is not always an easy decision. We would like to learn and understand more about your business goals and objectives, and introduce you to Mammoth Holdings. We are an express exterior tunnel car wash company founded and operated by industry veterans who believe in teamwork, loyalty, respect, engagement, and doing right by our internal and external customers.

We offer sellers a tailor-made solution to fit their desired outcome. Many sellers would like to “take some chips off the table” but don’t wish to exit the industry entirely.

Equity Rollover & Tax-Deferral

Under our industry leading platform partners have the option to divest completely or reinvest a portion of their proceeds back into the larger initiative, providing a tax-deferred investment while instantly having ownership into a broad and diverse group of brands. With nearly 100 locations and growing – there is no better time to make a difference in your future and ours.

Increased Value Through Scale

There is opportunity for significant value creation by investing in a broadly diversified platform with significant scale that drives multiple expansion.

Buying Power

As a larger organization, we enjoy the benefits of scale in areas such as chemicals, supplies, and equipment. These savings enhance our value and accrue to our investors.

Focus on Our People

A foundational principle we have is that “People Matter Most.” Creating career paths for our people is one of the most rewarding outcomes of our unique model. We invest heavily in training programs while creating additional management opportunities for our people.

Summary of benefits from joining Mammoth Holdings:

We invite you to reach out for a confidential conversation about who we are and where we are heading. Call Marcus Kittrell at (205) 966-5931 or email him at for more information.