Best-in-Class Management

Mammoth Holdings is led by an industry-leading management team with a strong track record of execution, including 65+ years of public company leadership with experience managing 30,000+ retail units.

Dave Hoffmann


25+years of experience

Corey Joslin


33+years of experience

Jen Vanderveldt


20+years of experience

Bethany Gillam


20+years of experience

Harsha Musthyala

Senior Director of Data Analytics

10+years of experience

Business Advisory Council

Mammoth’s executive leadership is supported by its Business Advisory Council (BAC) of highly-experienced. operators, featuring 300+ years of collective car wash experience.

Bac Overview

  • Composed of former operators
  • Not involved in day-to-day operations
  • Leverage skillset for the platform
  • Transition role
  • Retirement path or path for continued involvement
  • Owner/operator incentives aligned with corporate

Operators join the BAC if they want to help with:

M&A sourcing

M&A integration

Site selection & greenfield development

Build strategy (new unit prototype)

Training, learning & development

Operations integration

Supply chain procurement

Meet the BAC Team

BAC Team / Vice ChairmanGary Dennis

Ultra Carwash / Mammoth Holdings


Former ICA President

BAC TeamChip Hackett

Ultra Carwash / Mammoth Holdings


BAC Team / Board of DirectorsMarcus Kittrell

Marc-1 Carwash

Company Founder

ICA President

Former SECWA President

BAC TeamChris Presswood & Nancy Burgfield

Finish Line Carwash

Company Founders

BAC TeamBrent Wignall

Co-Founder Wiggy Wash


BAC TeamChris Hailstone

Wiggy Wash


BAC TeamSteve Schmidt & Brian Hill

Pit Stop Car Wash


BAC TeamJim Rooney

PureMagic Carwash

Company Founder

Former SECWA President

BAC TeamBryan Slama

Silverstar Car Wash

Company Founder

BAC TeamJim Mulholland

Busy Bee Carwash

Company Founder

Former ICA Board Member

BAC TeamRichard Bailey

Wash Time

Company Founder

Former SECWA President

What is the Express Car Wash model?