We're Changing the Game

Simple – we are assembling a team with the most talented car wash operators in the industry, harnessing the power of growth and development, and pairing them with world-class executives and passionate industry leadership teams. Together with our financial partners providing resources and opportunity, we remove obstacles and transform vision into reality.

Business Advisory Council

Wisdom at Work

When you join our family of brands, you join a council filled with industry-leading operators whose collective experience numbers well into hundreds of years. The Business Advisory Council provides wisdom and insight to our best-in-class executive team led by Dave Hoffmann, our Chairman & CEO. Together, collective wisdom, leadership, and excellence grow our brands; our people; and our Mammoth footprint. We also provide life-changing career opportunities to those who continue the brand legacies.

Always More To Do

Still building? Haven’t fully achieved the brand expansion goals yet? Find it hard to stop when there are so many reasons to stay the course? We are the same kind of people.

It's in the DNA

Assuming risk defines an entrepreneur. Self-confidence and vision start us down a path. Tolerance for ambiguity mixed with a tenacious and passionate pursuit of a dream keeps us pushing forward. We’re always pushing forward and always looking ahead. Our goal is create something special together.

Drive to Five (500 locations)

  • Plan to grow by 5x
  • Mergers & Acquisitions to add new markets or density
  • Leverage prototype greenfield model to supplement greenfield activity

Planned Greenfields

Go-get Greenfields

M&A under LOI

Go-get M&A


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