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Press Release

Mammoth Holdings implements new Procure-to-Pay solution: JAGGAER (with payments powered by Finexio)

By April 5, 2023April 7th, 2023No Comments

As Mammoth strives to improve our Accounts Payable processes, we are excited to announce the launch of the JAGGAER Procure to Pay (P2P) system, designed to transform the way we purchase goods and services, engage with Suppliers, and process invoices and payments. This replaces the functionality previously provided by Fidesic. 

The JAGGAER P2P solution enables Mammoth to:

  • Browse and shop from numerous online catalogs (enabled for certain preferred Suppliers), or place orders to our registered Suppliers through a “non-catalog” requisitioning process.
  • Create purchase requisitions which are automatically budget-checked and routed through a department’s specified approval workflow. 
  • Minimize paper invoice processing, with centralized and automated Invoicing. 
  • Increase capabilities for greater spend visibility, reporting, and analysis. 

As we drive towards more automation, we also have an initiative to convert Suppliers to Electronic Payments. We are excited to be working with payments experts, Finexio, helping our Suppliers with electronic payment adoption and to improve our Supplier’s payment experience.

The benefits of the Finexio program include:

  • Faster Settlement:  Finexio payments are issued and delivered the same day eliminating time involved in processing, mailing and negotiating/settlement of paper checks.
  • Improved Security: Finexio leverages single-use virtual cards which carry enhanced security measures to reduce fraud and guarantee payment.
  • More Transparency: Complimentary access to the Finexio Payee Portal where Suppliers can access payment details and connect with Finexio support 24/7.

What is the best way for Mammoth’s Suppliers to submit invoices for payment and get updates on their payment status?

The JAGGAER Supplier Portal offers you direct engagement with Mammoth’s P2P processes. Through your account, Suppliers can easily use the following features of the portal to:

  • View all purchase orders (POs) submitted by Mammoth in one place
  • Easily “flip” PO’s to invoices (Mammoth’s preferred way to receive your invoices)
  • Realize 24×7 real-time visibility into payment status information
  • Send messages to the Accounts Payable team for a quick response to your queries

We appreciate your cooperation in helping Mammoth create a better Accounts Payable experience!